Looking at the balance in which the world finds itself at the moment, it is hard to say what the effect would be if someone managed to produce a way of effectively providing greater fuel efficiency in the average automobile. Certainly for the consumer it would create a situation where gas bills would fall dramatically, but how would it affect the oil producing economies of the world? Sometimes you may come across situations when you need to find someone urgently. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack if you do not have anything much to go from. You may just know that person’s earlier address or social security number and you want to find him. On December 2012, everything will fry and everyone will die - this is the message that fans of Doomsday 2012 want to put across others. According to them the apocalypse predictions of Nostradamus, which are backed by the Mayan Prophecies, tell us of our inevitable future and that today is the right time to repent and amend our lives. It is now 2009, the end is near, and we will all rot in hell sooner than later, or so they say. Nothing prepared me for the final genocide site I visited on Wednesday. Initially I resisted visiting the church at Nyamata. I had read a description of what took place there. My fears that the place would haunt me were true.